Fed up with being bombarded with age rules? Me too!

​For years I played the game, went to University and read Law, climbed the greasy career pole and earned reasonable money. I was young (ish!) and the world was my oyster!

​One morning I woke up and bizarrely  the world was not my friend any more. I was being patronised and treated like I was hard of hearing and unsure on my feet......but I was only 45 despite feeling a mere slip of a girl of seventeen!

​Never one to tolerate rubbish from anyone I decided that I wasn't taking any of that lying down, or stood up or sat down for that matter!

​I started looking for info' on growing "older". You know the stuff, how to get my makeup right so I didn't look like a desperate old bag trying to look twenty, or about fashion, health and the "dreaded menopause". But it was all so damned gloomy and completely irrelevant to me. I could either take it or leave it. You guessed right!....I left it and knowing that I couldn't possibly be alone decided to give a voice to women over 45 going through the same old ....... well you know what I mean.

So who am I?

I am Janie, a 54 year old Mum of two grown up children, a Grandma and wife...oh and a fully fledged member of the "Savvy 'n' Sassy" club.

​I love makeup, clothes, going to gigs, sailing, walking, travel, reading........life is full and fabulous and I want it to stay that way!

​Why not come over to the dark side and join me on an adventure of your lifetime?

Janie x



​​​​​​​​Savvy 'n' Sassy


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